FriendFeed's first year

FriendFeed's turning one! A year ago today, Bret, Jim, Paul and Sanjeev put our site and service out there and invited some folks. Soon, more people joined—as users, coworkers and friends. The rest, as they say, is history. Although not particularly ancient history.

Still, it's hard to believe that it's already been a year. Certainly, it seems like a lot has happened. For those of you who might have missed any of it, here's a quick recap:


October 1 (in the wee hours): Bret and Jim push the site and FriendFeed is born. Sanjeev's daughter, Iris, was born just a few days earlier. Sanjeev has a hard time picking favorites.

October 1: Bret purchases office espresso machine

October 2: Bret purchases office computers

October 15: The crew moves into FriendFeed Global International World Headquarters. Bikes are purchased.

October 24: Ana joins FriendFeed and is presented with the mountain of unpaid bills that Bret had so thoughtfully set aside for her

October 30: We launch "Likes". We like it.

December 18: Friends are fed at the holiday dinner at Bret's house. Paul airs multiple grievances about the Festivus Pole.

December 22: Grievances can now be aired on FriendFeed, er


January 7: The first week of the new year is Kevin's first week at FriendFeed

February 8: First annual FriendFeed friends and family ski trip

February 26: We officially launch the site and announce our Series A funding

March 6: The TGIFF (thank goodness it's FriendFeed) tradition begins

March 17: FriendFeed now has search. But we still can't find our keys.

March 25: We launch an API and pass the work onto you

May 1: Tudor becomes a FriendFeeder. We swear, at FriendFeed, previous Gmail experience is not required.

May 19: Who let the non-Googler in? Ok, fine. Welcome, Casey.

May 22: 62.5% of FriendFeed is out of the office, spread across four continents. Sounds like a perfect time to launch rooms.

June 23: Casey drops a server on his foot and breaks his toe. The rest of us move across the street.

June 25: "Mandatory Fun Day!" Paul is excused because—and only because—his son Thomas is born that morning.

June 26: Gary joins FriendFeed, but missed out on indoor skydiving, deep dish pizza and baseball by one day

June 27: Finally, everyone gets job titles at FriendFeed

July 25: A whiteboard gets colored and a "Piñata-cam" gets airborne

August 25: Dan joins FriendFeed. Yes, again.

August 29: We welcome Ben from within our developer community

September 18: FriendFeed unveils a new look. We couldn't have done it without your useful feedback.

October 1: We celebrate! Thanks to FriendFeed, we've had an amazing year. And really, that's thanks to our users.

Thanks for helping to make FriendFeed what it is today. We're looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!


Unknown said...

Congrats guys! I'm sure the next year will be just as (if not more) successful as the last. Zee

Unknown said...

Yay, FriendFeed! Congratulations!

Scobleizer said...

Thank you for creating a great community, aggregator, and search engine. Now, how do I get over my "Like" addiction?

Shey said...

By far FriendFeed has been my favourite site on the net since I've joined!

Thanks for all you've done to facilitate great interactions and sharing of content!

needcaffeine said...

thanks for a great consolidator and community builder

Pete Delucchi said...

you made the last year special

ded said...

Congratulations guys. Keep having fun. It makes your product better :)

Leandro Ardissone said...

Congratulations, guys!
There's a before and after FF!

(at least for me :P)

zizukabi said...

Congratulations and happy birthday to Friendfeed. :)

와우~ 생일 축하합니다!
더욱 더 발전하는 프렌드피드가 되기를 바랍니다.

Fikirbaz said...

Conghrats... Although FF keeps me from work sometimes (most of the time) I can keep on lying as I work in an Internet company... I need FF to sociaize, discover & share...
Every year after this you will be more & more successfull...

Chris Reed said...

Many congrats.... Here's to many more ones.

Anonymous said...

Congrats guys, incredibly great work for just one year! Keep up the great work and we will be looking forward to further exciting news from you.

Dan said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Great work guys. FriendFeed is amazing!