A Fix-it Friday

We've been very busy this past month, introducing things like our new design and real-time view. On Friday we had a "fix-it day", where we took a break from our bigger projects to focus on bug fixes and the big stack of small features we've been meaning to get to. Here are some of the things we did on Friday:

  • Updated our iPhone interface to support friend lists
  • Fixed service importing of Google Reader from international domains (e.g., google.co.uk)
  • Prevented in-progress comments from being lost when expanding clustered items
  • Added "Hide" links to our iGoogle Gadget

We also made a lot of small improvements to our Bookmarklet, Embeddable Widgets, Real-time feed and more! Thanks to everyone for the feedback you've been giving. Keep it coming in the FriendFeed Feedback Room and, if you have a specific bug, tell us about it with our bug reporting tool.

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