Small features and bug fixes

We had a "fix-it day" yesterday at FriendFeed, where we fixed bugs and added small features that we have been putting off for too long. New features include:

  • Mini-profiles - hover over someone's name on any page to see the services they're subscribed to and a snapshot of their recent activity.
  • Flickr favorites - we now pull in your Flickr favorites in addition to the photos you publish on Flickr.
  • Nickname editing - you can now edit your FriendFeed nickname in your account settings so you can change the URL of your FriendFeed more easily.

We also fixed a number of bugs, including improving our Netvibes support and fixing a number of iGoogle authentication issues.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to report their issues to us in the FriendFeed discussion group.

Mixx and Netvibes added to FriendFeed

We just added support for Mixx and Netvibes. Add them to your FriendFeed in your service settings.

Seesmic videos now play inline as well.

Have a great weekend!