Find and subscribe to your Twitter friends on FriendFeed

We've just added a friend importer for Twitter so you can easily find and subscribe to your Twitter friends who are already on FriendFeed.


You may already have won! Your Twitter friends could already be using FriendFeed! Find them today!

We're looking forward to extending this capability to more services. As always please let us know your bugs and feedback!

Fix-it Day Highlights

We had another fix-it Friday last week. We squashed some bugs and made a number of improvements, including these common requests:

  • Custom RSS/Atom entries now say "(via <blog name>)" instead of "(via Custom RSS/Atom)"
  • Usernames are no longer case-sensitive for signing-in or visiting user pages (e.g.
  • When editing a blog or custom RSS/Atom link, we display the original link you entered when you imported the feed
  • There's a scroll-bar for pages with long lists of rooms

Of course, we're constantly making little changes — some more interesting than others. You can see a more complete list on our changelog. Otherwise, let us know your bugs and feedback for our next fix-it day!