Ross's last day

Ross, one of our three summer interns, had his last day today. We were sad, and decided to drown our sorrows in burgers, cake, and candy-filled piƱata-goodness. It seemed to be an appropriate send-off for someone who made the office so much fun.

While Ross was here, he was our user support extraordinaire and responded to users' feedback and questions over email and in the FriendFeed Feedback room. He also created several tutorial videos to help explain FriendFeed's benefits and features to new and experienced users alike. His "Tour de FriendFeed" was grueling, but extremely satisfying. And in perhaps his most instructional video of all, Ross demonstrated how the rest of us will never be as cool as he and fellow intern Dan in "The FriendFeed Whiteboard":

Thanks for everything Ross... we'll miss you!

Ross's FriendFeed Tutorial #3: FriendFeed Rooms

We launched the FriendFeed rooms in May, and the feature has been really popular. I just put together an overview video so people new to FriendFeed can learn about how rooms work and the interesting rooms they can create or join: