All the FriendFeed extras on one page

Did you know that FriendFeed has a bookmarklet that lets you share links and clip images directly from your browser? Did you know that you can email messages and photos to FriendFeed from your phone?

We have a lot of cool extras you might not have heard about, so we created a comprehensive list of FriendFeed tools to make them more discoverable. We'll keep the page updated as we launch new stuff so you have a one-stop shop for FriendFeed goodies.

As always, let us know what you think in the FriendFeed Feedback room.


Unknown said...

Shameless-plug: FriendFeed FeedFlare for FeedBurner

Unknown said...

Pipes: Post to Friendfeed by Carlo Zottman

Pete Delucchi said...

I love it, and you've updated the location so it's all easily accessible now, too! WTG, gang.