Improving the FriendFeed experience on Facebook

While most of our users enjoy FriendFeed on, we try to make it as accessible as possible with tools like our Embeddable widgets, iGoogle Gadget, and Facebook Application.

We've spent some time lately enhancing our Facebook Application to make it work better with Facebook's new interface. Notably, you can now add FriendFeed as a tab to your profile. Just click the "+" tab on your profile page (to add a new tab) and choose FriendFeed.

If you haven't already, add the FriendFeed Facebook App to share your FriendFeed activity with your Facebook friends. We're continuing to work on some additional changes, but do let us know what changes are on your wishlist in the FriendFeed Feedback room.


Anonymous said...

I cannot seem to add the FriendFeed application to my Facebook account. It says "This application cannot be added to your pages."

hiperkarma said...

the friendfeed app in facebook seems to have a problem coding special characters. i'm a spanish speaker and when facebook imports my twitter posts thru friendfeed into my profile feed, all the accentuated characters (á, é, í, ó, ú) won't display correctly.

sriks7 said...

I have added the app but I am not still able to add friendfeed as a tab on facebook! What gives?

Dan said...

sriks7, please send us your FriendFeed username to so we can look into this for you.

By Oskar Andersson said...

I am trying to get my photo posts to FF to end up at my Facebook wall, via the facebook FF app. It worked for about half a day, but now, it refuses to post images + commetns alltho I have set the "display full stories" setting in facebook settings for the FF app... I did succeed in adding the tab that shows my friendfeed tho, so that part works. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I want to edit what friend feed sends to face book and posts to my profile... how do i do this.. i remember ticking certain boxes but some i dont want as they are duplicatiing things like facebook status

Unknown said...

I've been trying for days to get FaceBook to feed FriendFeed. I've subscribed to FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Google Reader. Google Reader works fine, but I get nothing from the other two. How do you troubleshoot this? My nickname is teebark.

Jean-Marc Liotier said...

I like the Friendfeed Facebook application a lot, although I would like it even more if it could refrain from posting duplicates to Facebook. Friendfeed does a good job of duplicates detection, so all that is needed is too only post the first item to Facebook and ignore the duplicates.

Unknown said...

before friendfeed was posting full stories to facebook. now... it doesn't.

I admit I pulled it out myself as an experiment when I was tinkering with my feed. but now I can't put it back.

the best I get is one line stories that don't have images. I want friendfeed to be able to post to my feed like before.

did you guys change something.

I've been trying to figure this out for 48 hours

if you go far down in my feed you will see that I did have it... and then when I asked it to stop it never was able to come back.

is it supposed to do this?

Eric Michael Johnson said...

I can't get my FriendFeed updates to appear on my Facebook wall. Please help. My FF account name is ericmjohnson. Thanks.

ascrivner said...

I can't add facebook to my feed, every link from my links I throw in days not an acceptable link.

The given URL does not appear to be a Facebook My Links feed URL
this is the URL

Anonymous said...

Me too - importing FB into FF, I get
"The given URL does not appear to be a Facebook My Links feed URL"

Please could a Friendfeeder help out?
- I notice a few people here having the same issue.