Introducing Benjamin Golub... another new FriendFeeder!

We're really excited to announce our newest FriendFeed employee, Benjamin Golub. Ben was an early FriendFeed enthusiast and in his spare time, built fftogo, a super-useful mobile FriendFeed client using the FriendFeed API. Ben was most recently at Frontier Communications, a telecommunications company, and before that, he was an intern at Hyland Software while he was finishing his BS in Computer Engineering at Case Western Reserve University.

Benjamin Golub

Ben greatly impressed us with fftogo and another side project, RSSmeme. With these projects and his active participation in our developer forum, Ben has already done so much to improve the FriendFeed experience for our users. We're extremely happy to have him working FriendFeed full time.

Welcome, Ben!


Megen Vo said...


My Corner said...

Congrats Ben!!

vimoh said...

Congratulations to both parties. I swear I was thinking about this yesterday evening while friendfeeding on mobile. "They should hire this guy like they hired the mail2ff guy."

Whayd'ya know!

Andrew Badera said...

Congrats Ben! I'd heard from Scott you were headed out in that direction, but wasn't sure quite where. Not surprising, given ff2go.

Great hire, friendfeed!

Mai Vo said...

Good job ben. Congrats. We are so proud of you. The Vo family

engtech said...

Congrats! That's awesome.

red said...

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