Manage subscriptions from the FriendFeed API

Good news today for people who like to use FriendFeed from the comfort of their favorite desktop or mobile client (like twhirl or Alert Thingy)... we've added to our API the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe from friends and rooms.

This means no more having to remember interesting people or rooms you want to add the next time you're on Instead, API clients can now support subscribing directly.

Also, to make sure you can keep an eye on what the clients are doing, we've also added a list of subscription modifications (accessible from the bottom of your "Subscriptions" tab):

Every time you subscribe or unsubscribe from a person or room, a new entry will show up in your subscription modifications page so you can undo any mistakes.

I can't wait until fftogo adds these features, which is likely to be very soon because they were built by Ben, its talented creator.

Full technical details about this and other features can be found in the API's documentation:

This was one of the most-requested API features in our developer forum. As always, please swing by with comments, concerns, and suggestions about existing and future API features:

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