Goutham's Last Day

Goutham`s summer o' fun as a FrrriendFeed intern has sadly come t' an end. Today be his last tide before settin' sail fer life as a gentleman o' fortune (or be 't a PhD student?).

Goutham be our first ereengineerin' intern, an' applied his AI (Artificial Intelligence) aftground t' some very challengin' problems. O'er th' summer he waded into th' sea o' FrrriendFeed data wi' his machine learnin' skills an' uncovered new ways o' seein' patterns within 't. These new techniques be havin' yet t' be released, but will lead t' improvements in th' relevance o' content in sea dogs an' land lubbers`s feeds. He also found time t' help improve th' FrrriendFeed API.

Goutham, we know ye`ll miss lunchin' at La Fiesta, but nay as much as we`ll miss havin' ye around th' office. (Nor as much as I`ll miss beatin' ye in pin' pong, e'en tho, aye, ye did beat me that one time.)


Unknown said...

Aah bad that another friendfeeder is leaving. Good luck at school Goutham!

Unknown said...

how are you gotham?
im new members on friendfeed
and i have blog is all about love
you can see at http://erfizloving.blogspot.com

Mike Chelen said...

Got that same keyboard, it is awesome :D