New FriendFeed design updated

We just released a number of improvements to our redesign at Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to preview our new design.

We plan to replace our current design with the new one very soon, so keep the feedback coming in our FriendFeed Beta feedback room.

Here are some of the changes we have made based on your comments:

Improved posting interface

We updated our interface for posting new items to FriendFeed. The new links make the posting function more obvious, accessible, and also distinguish it clearly from the search box. We also made the search box more prominent by moving it to the top of the page.

Navigation on the left

We moved the sidebar to the left-hand side to make navigation easier for those with wide screens. We kept the width of the sidebar narrow so those with smaller screens did not have too much space taken up by the sidebar.

Improved Rooms navigation

We updated the All Rooms page so that it is easier to see a comprehensive list of the rooms you participate in.

Friend Lists easier to use

We have heard a lot of positive feedback about the new Friend Lists feature. We added a number of features that make the feature more prominent. For example, you can now choose which friend lists a person goes in at the moment you subscribe to them.

Simpler and cleaner

We simplified the sidebar by removing and relocating some features to make it easier to use. We also tweaked the look and feel of feeds to make some of the links more easily discoverable.

Let us know what you think in the FriendFeed Beta feedback room.


Unknown said...

Please put the daily post/comments counts back on the rooms list in the nav bar. That was so helpful!

Unknown said...
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