Hello and goodbye to Dan "the Intern" Hsiao

We have a great intern at FriendFeed. Too bad we never got around to introducing him on this blog, and now, today's his last day. Luckily, Dan Hsiao, our intern extraordinaire isn't bent out of shape over our procrastination. He's seen our organized chaos first-hand.

Dan is currently on winter break from his first year of business school at MIT Sloan (that is, until Monday). Before business school, Dan was a project manager on sales trading applications at JPMorgan in New York City. He got his bachelor's degree at UC Berkeley, where he majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

At FriendFeed, Dan worked on a number of UI-related projects and made some really significant contributions to product. These changes will be rolling out in the coming weeks and months, so Dan will have to be appreciated post-FriendFeedously. But in the meantime, here's a great little video tutorial that Dan put together on the FriendFeed bookmarklet. Dan was our first-ever intern, and all future interns will have big shoes (and jerseys) to fill. We'll miss you Dan!

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