FriendFeed Changelog: see what code we are writing

At FriendFeed, we talk a lot about how to run our company with as much openness and participation from FriendFeed users as possible. Paul recently suggested that we could save ourselves a lot of time writing blog posts if we just sent out our changelists from Mercurial (our source code version control system). Why blog aout a feature when you can just check in the source code and keep on coding?

We will obviously keep posting to this blog, but we decided to take Paul's advice and publish our source code changelog in a blog at It is fairly terse (we prefer Python and JavaScript to English here at FriendFeed), but a few of you programmer-types may find it interesting, and you may notice some things that we haven't taken the time to announce.


Unknown said...

I like it alot, thanks guys. Keep up the good work!

Btw, where is the BEST place to suggest new features for the site, and are there any plans for creating a site suggestion form, from which you could keep a list of the most popular ones and from there allow users to vote on which ones they would like to see etc?

Ana said...

Cameron, your best bet for suggesting features is the discussion group:

We will definitely be implementing a suggestion form in the future. Thanks! - Ana

Anonymous said...

FWIW, OpenDNS recently added a big, Web 2.0-like feature suggestion section:

Shrug. I dunno. Just felt like mentioning it.

Vasudev Ram said...

>we prefer Python and JavaScript to English here at FriendFeed

Since you've mentioned those two (Python and JavaScript), I'm interested to know what other technologies, e.g. on the back end, you use for FriendFeed, if its not confidential. E.g. What web server; do you use some existing web application framework like Django or TurboGears or a homegrown one; other software tools/libraries used.

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