FriendFeed is now a lot faster

We just launched a change that makes your FriendFeed home page load 3 - 8 times faster, and most people's FriendFeed pages now load in less than 50 milliseconds. This change will be particularly noticeable for people with a lot of subscriptions (yes, we were thinking you, Robert).

We appreciate all the feedback we have gotten on the product since launch. This change lays the foundation for a lot of features and bug fixes to come over the next few weeks. Keep the feedback coming!


G said...

Love it but when will the widget be open, i want to put this in my wordpress sidebar however the RSS feed does not work very well with the wordpress rss widget.

Anonymous said...

I echo that!

Nitin said...

Major suggestion:
I wish we could use FriendFeed to follow friends through other services.

For example, I wish I could see all my twitter updates through Friendfeed.

I wish I could see my Facebook updates through Friendfeed.

Then, my "friend feed" will represent my one, single point of entry to follow all of my friends on my social networks.

Anonymous said...

test message - please ignore

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Beach_Blogger said...

Yup, friendfeed pages do seem to load pretty fast! ... but not at the 50 ms mark.

My fasterfox timer is telling me 0.7 - 3 seconds for many popular profiles with lots of data.

For empty profiles, I get 0.36 sec.

Beach_Blogger said...

PS: a ping to San Francisco took 112 ms and ont to San Jose took 52 ms.