Personalized FriendFeed stats

We just launched a stats page that gives a fun overview of how you and your friends are using FriendFeed. Here are some of my stats:

We calculate the stats based on the last 30 days of activity on FriendFeed. "People you find interesting" are calculated by looking at the entries you have commented on and liked. Top sites are calculated by looking at where your shared stuff has come from over the past 30 days.

Check it out, and let us know what you think!


Voyagerfan5761 said...

Ooh, now I can waste time just like in Google Reader's Trends page! :D

On a serious note, I find it interesting that I've got a graph made up entirely by my blog and Twitter... But the page is neat!

louisgray said...

This is great stuff. FriendFeed continues to raise the bar against competition. I love this. (I don't mind finding out I rank third behind Paul and Jess either!)

Thanks for the service, the feature, the post and following along.

Unknown said...

What about considering the click-through on items, in addition to comments and likes, when determining/measuring preference relationships?

You could weigh the different forms of interaction differently in order to reflect the different amount of effort going into clicking, returning to like and commenting on an item.

Btw, thanks for another slick feature ;)

Graham said...

Is this going to come back under the new design or is it gone forever?

Anonymous said...

It's really good!

I would like to see much larger than 10-item lists.

Thanks for a great service!

Tanath said...

What happened to the stats page? Why is it gone now?