Celebrating the holidays a little early

For the first time in FriendFeed history, all 11 FriendFeeders found themselves in the same room (and the universe did not explode). In honor of having Ben and Gary in town at the same time, we had our holiday dinner a little early this year.

Kevin and Rachel were gracious enough to offer up their home for our annual feeding of friends, and Rachel even cooked the entire friendFEAST herself!

For dessert, I contributed the only thing I know how to make--panna cotta--and everyone still lived to tell the tale.

We can't believe that we've more than doubled in size from this time a year ago. Thanks for another great year! Happy holidays (a little early) from the entire FriendFeed team!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You guys (and gals) only have 11 people?

I thought you were up to 20 by now!

Anyways, congrats for the holidays, and thanks for making FriendFeed (and finally hooking up with Twitter--my friends have loved this a lot).