Last Fix-it Day of 2008

On Friday we had our last "fix-it day" of the year. We spent the day working on small bugs and features to improve your overall FriendFeed experience. You can now:

  • Edit entry titles and links on entries you've already posted — just look under the More menu on any entry you've posted and select "Edit this entry"
  • Share a YouTube video that starts at any point during the video — skip right to the interesting part of a video and get the conversations going quicker. Just append "#t=[time]" at the end of the video's URL (e.g.—#t=45s, #t=1m30s). See an example here.
  • Include your Instant Queue movies from Netflix
  • Hide individual Custom RSS/Atom feeds
  • Rename imaginary friends

Also, private room descriptions are now only visible to room members and we display a "This entry has been deleted" message when people link to a deleted entry. Let us know about any bugs you find with our Report a bug tool. If you have any other feedback, share it in the FriendFeed Feedback room.


Zee said...

You legends, thank you.

Ron said...

Thank you much ^_^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new features : )

Anonymous said...

only title and link is not enough, what about thumbnail?