Some reliability problems with the site today

We experienced a number of simultaneous problems today with the servers that run FriendFeed's web site. Since this morning's failure, our site has had intermittent problems, and we are in the process of diagnosing their root causes. We are working to alleviate the problems, and we apologize in advance if you experience any additional issues this evening as we finish deploying the fixes.

We really appreciate your patience, and we will keep you posted as we add safeguards to prevent these types of issues from happening in the future.


defcon said...

Could you add a android G1 iface when u get a chance?

Anonymous said...

It's back and running now, thanks for your hard work.

Joel said...

I've been having a problem getting Friendfeed to recognize my Netflix "At Home" RSS. It either A) denies it is a Netflix RSS feed or B) doesn't read the feed at all.

The feed in question is: