Fixes and (smaller) feats on Halloween

To cap off a very busy October, we had a "fix-it day" at the FriendFeed office, where we take a break from our big projects to make time for bug fixes and small features. Here are some of the things we worked on:

  • Improved Real-time feed
    • You can expand entries in the real-time feed by clicking the chat bubble. The expanded entry shows you the entire conversation so you can see the comment or entry in context
    • Private entries are marked with a lock icon so they are more easily identifiable
  • Improved FriendFeed Bookmarklet
  • Our Atom/RSS feeds now look correct in Google Reader
  • You can now send your comments as Twitter @replies in our iPhone interface

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Anonymous said...

I'm not just saying this for nothing guys - the last update by far has been my favorite...I use Frienfeed as my twitter client and the ability to now @reply to twitter on all the various interfaces is simpley fantastic...thank you.Zee

Anonymous said...

Good work on feeds update.