FriendFeed Room Upgrades

We've gotten a lot of suggestions from room owners on ways we can improve Rooms on FriendFeed. Today, we’re releasing two small customizations that are designed to let room owners have more control over their rooms’ appearance and content.

We now offer room admins the ability to mark-up their room's description. We support a limited set of HTML tags that should fit your needs. Most notably, you can now use bold, italics, and linking tags in your room descriptors.

Room admins can also now choose whether they want comment moderation on their semi-public rooms. This can be particularly useful if you want to embed your room on your own web site. When commenting in a moderated room, a user will see “Pending” before their unapproved comment, and will also have the option of editing or deleting the comment without needing to wait for an admin to approve or reject it. Room admins will see the approval-pending comments at the top of that room and also in the entries themselves.

We’re still working on a number of ways to improve rooms overall. As always, give us your thoughts in the FriendFeed Feedback Room.


Unknown said...

What? No <marquee>?
Kidding :p Thanks for the upgrade :)

aj said...

Good stuff Friendfeed team! Thanks!

Sumit Chachra said...

I would love the capability to paste the widget of a private room, on my private wiki (via a not-so-secret hash... similar to private google calendar xml/ical feeds)

That would be awesome, so that the room content is right there whenever anyone logs onto the wiki, without having to go to friendfeed.