More media amongst the messages

If you've seen an extra play button or two around FriendFeed recently, no need to call your Internet tube man, those are just MP3s from media enclosures that are now showing up in FriendFeed:

Any feed that contains audio, like a feed for a podcast, can now be played directly from Friendfeed.

Likewise, small photo previews will now show up in feeds with Media RSS thumbnails that are small enough.

With all these new shiny things, soon FriendFeed won't require any more of this labor-intensive "reading" at all. Let us know what you think in the FriendFeed Feedback room.


Brandon said...

Publish playable MP3 Files to your account easily:

Thomas Hawk said...

Not working for me.

Anonymous said...

It would be cool if audio posts from Tumblr were posted with this player. Also, it would be useful to filter a feed to only include audio posts.

Anonymous said...

That does play together with reload of the pages how?

Hint: It does not. The browser reloads in the background, interrupting the playing. Another reason to make the reload an option and not a feature.

Anonymous said...

I have a MediaRSS for only photos in my FriendFeed, but it's not displaying thumbnails. I guess the photos are too big at 480x360.

It would be great if FriendFeed would recognize photos up to a size of like 800x600 and then just downscale them into thumbnails, so that these kinds of feeds would look much prettier.