Ross's FriendFeed Tutorial #2: Email Pictures To FriendFeed Using Mail2FF

Since we launched our API, avid FriendFeed users and developers have built all sorts of cool applications. One of our favorites is Mail2FF, which lets you easily post pictures to FriendFeed via email. Built by Gary Burd, it lets you post messages directly to FriendFeed using a special email address that consists of your FriendFeed nickname and your FriendFeed Remote Key. (Your remote key is a secret combination of words and numbers that allows third party software to interact with FriendFeed on your behalf, without the need to reveal your real password.)

For example, to post photos to my feed, I just attach them in an email to

Check out my full video tutorial on Mail2FF below.


Richard Bradshaw said...

Hope you changed your remote key after this!

Really useful idea - is there anyway to post pictures to friendfeed using the normal (web) interface?

Test said...

Is there any limitation on batch size of each photo email? I am sending few photos as email (they are couple of high res photos!) and I dont see them on FF..

Test said...

I see this at FF Application guidelines page..

Rate Limiting

The API imposes rate limits for each IP address and each user account. For example, if you upload a large number of images with the API, your API requests will eventually be rejected with HTTP error code 403. We may adjust these rate limits over time to maintain the quality of service on or to curtail abuse.


Can somebody tell what is the current limit? Do you document it somewhere if you change the limit?

Leandro Ardissone said...

I suggest you add a way to enable auto-sharing updates to groups.
Lets say: -mygroup- member's updates automatically adds an update to the group (from specific services the users adds to the group) as well as it updates to users timeline..