Ben Darnell joins FriendFeed: Ben++!

We're very excited to have Ben Darnell joining the FriendFeed team starting today! Not only is Ben our newest employee, he's our first new employee in over a year!

I had the honor of working with Ben on the Google Reader team and I'm thrilled to have him bring his ninja-fu data-storage and scalability skills to FriendFeed.

Of course, now that we've hit 13 employees we're beginning to face the inevitable 'big company' problems. With the addition of Ben Darnell to the team already populated with the illustrious Ben Golub, we've now encountered the 'Two-Bens' conundrum.

Welcome, Ben Darnell, to the FriendFeed Family!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Ben! You the creator of Duckhunt (it would explain the Duck hiding behind you) Than you've made a genius feature. :)

Anonymous said...

great friendfeed team is growing its a nice venture love it and yeah welcome ben

Max R said...

Welcome Ben! Look forward to your tweeds

Алтайский блогер said...

I want to delete all my friend in FriendFeed. How I can do it?

AdamTest said...

I have a brilliant solution, if I do say so myself (and no, it doesn't involve firing Ben G!)

Call one Benji and the other Bendy.