FriendFeed in Italiano and Türkçe

We've had a lot of requests for additional FriendFeed languages ever since we launched six new languages back in December. And today, we're really happy to add two more to that list — Italian and Turkish!


You can now select from Italian or Turkish, in addition to English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and simplified Chinese, from the dropdown at the bottom of every page or from your Account settings page.

We've already set up user-supported help areas for Italian and Turkish. These are on the existing site, but both languages should also work in our new beta site (launched last week).

And of course, we're still working on more languages. Thanks to all our global supporters for your patience in the meantime. We hope you enjoy these new interfaces!


postoditacco said...

"Post my FriendFeed entries on Twitter as" isn't translated.

"Surname" should be translated as "Cognome", not as "Soprannome".

TEAkolik said...

Thank u...

Anonymous said...

Hi, that's good news but there are some mistakes. "[foobar]'ın bir özel Feed'i var" is not quite turkish ("[foobar] has a private feed"). "Feed" is not a turkish word, "Besleme" is. Please change that to, for example, "[foobar]'ın özel bir beslemesi var".

Also, "password" is "parola" not "şifre" (cipher) -- a widespread mistake unfortunately --

Unknown said...

like plural is "è piaciuto a" as for singular as the plural as used by you is for the subject

Photos for a graphic problem is "fotografi" and not "fotografie"

You changed from "you" to the name for personal comments, why don't you use also a colour flag? Is easier for long threads to start again reading after your last comment.

Ryo said...

Would be nice if there was an language filter. It's sometimes annoying. But good thing that Friendfeed goes more and more international.

kenanturkyilmaz said...

i love you friendfeed :)

Alena Mendez said...

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Harun said...

Teşekkürler Friendfeed

Jac Falcon said...
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Jac Falcon said...

Awesome to see you constantly updating! What I personally hope to see more updates of is support for more sites. MySpace, Kongregate, Veoh, MyAnimeList, Shelfari, GameSpot, Flixter, OpenID, to name a few great ones.


Anonymous said...

Its a great job !!
Keep it up !

hindlist said...

I love friend feed and its going great. I just like it

Unknown said...

Why donot add the 饭否 are a great many youngpeople there.

بامداد said...

Dear friends,

On behalf of Persian freindfeed users (and all the other users who are using RTL languages) I request that you add the RTL feature in friendfeed.

I understand that you may have limited resources to add features, but it really doesn't have to be a complete new RTL design, keep every thing as it is , just in comments and titles the view be correct.

For example now whenever we write a sentence which contains "latin" words or symbols, the sentence is broken and hence unreadable.

We would really appreciate it if you consider fixing this bug (or adding a feature to cover it).

Best regards,
Bamdadi (