Eight gabillion improvements launched

Late last week, we pushed out a number of nice changes to FriendFeed along with a major upgrade to our infrastructure. Among the changes:

  • New user interface for items in your feed. All of the links on your FriendFeed are now left-aligned on the page, and you can expand "clusters" of items with a single click. This makes your FriendFeed a lot easier to scan quickly, and you can read every single one of your friend's 20,000 Twitters per hour without leaving FriendFeed.
  • Multiple accounts for each service. If you have multiple blogs or multiple del.icio.us accounts, you can now include them all in your feed.
  • Better Atom feeds. Our Atom feed now contains all comments, likes, and thumbnails, as well as detailed Media RSS tags so you can get as good of FriendFeed experience in your feed reader as you do on FriendFeed.com.
  • Better blog widget. Our blog widget now has comments and likes as well. (Check out Paul's blog widget on his blog.)
  • Faster, faster, faster. When you add a new service to your feed, that service will show up in your feed immediately, and we fetch new items from each service even faster than before.

We also added support for Pandora, which a number of FriendFeeders have already noticed. We appreciate all your feedback, and we have a bunch of great features coming in the next month!


Alexa said...

Just stumbled upon the improvements today and am very excited! The RSS feed code seems much improved as well! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...
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red said...

Thank you very much for this information.


red said...
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