Get your FriendFeed via email

A lot of our users have told us that they wish they could get FriendFeed updates via email. So, we're pretty excited to add this as a new feature. As of today, you can get your feed in your inbox, either daily or weekly. Now you can keep up with your FriendFeed activity, even if you forget to check the website. We include your entire feed in the email (all your friends' entries, comments, and "likes").

Here is a screenshot within Gmail:

You can set up your email preferences in your FriendFeed settings.

We have tested it in Gmail, Outlook, and all the major web email clients, but please let us know if you have any problems using the feature. Keep the feedback coming!


Emily Miller said...

i'm so excited that my name showed up in the screen shot for the new email thing. woohoo, i'm famous. but, in regards to getting the feed emailed...i think it is great because sometimes i forget to check it for a while.

Tony Ruscoe said...

It's awesome to see that you can now select your primary email address too!

Great work all round FriendFeeders!

Benjamin said...

I'm famous!