I like it, I like it

People use FriendFeed to socialize and comment on the stuff they share from sites around the Web (like YouTube, Google Reader, or Last.fm), and a lot of our users said they wanted an ultra-quick way to share their appreciation for the most funny/interesting/useful entries from their friends. Now you can tell your friends which entries you like with a single click:

Let us know what you think!


  1. I like that I can like things....

  2. I would like even more if my del.icio.us and Picasa Stuff would be added to my FriendFeed...

  3. I like that I can like or un-like, but why I can't delete the comments?

  4. We definitely need to let you delete comments - it is in the works, and will happen soon!

  5. The term 'Like' is confusing when you don't know its use. It can be understood as 'related' or 'posts like this one'.

    You could simply rename the label 'I like'.


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